Golden FX Link Capital has maintained a spot in Cambodia’s top three derivative broker list in the first quarter of 2020 thanks to a top amount of total trading transactions, according to official reports issued by Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”).  

Being in the top three list well reflects Golden FX Link Capital’s continuous client support and its undisputed position in Cambodia derivatives market. 

“We are proud of this top position as it proves that we have played a crucial role in our derivatives market. Since day one, we have put lots of effort and resources into bettering our products and services as well as enriching trading knowledge and skills of our clients. So, we can regard this good result as an example of how one with more professionalism wins the battle and how hard work pays off,” said Mr. Chea Sothea, Chief Executive Officer of Golden FX Link Capital.

A large amount of trading transactions is not easy to achieve, provided that a regulated derivatives market was a stranger to the local people five years ago. However, through regular derivatives-related training courses, and with the passionate and professional team providing utmost support to both existing and new traders, a bigger figure is nothing but possible to be accomplished. 

“Overall, the total number of trading transactions keeps increasing from month to month. The higher transaction means more knowledge and much participation from the market players, especially traders and investors, which is a good thing for the whole industry. We are all doing good work for the development of our national economy,” Mr. Sothea added. 

SECC kick-started the trading volume report on a monthly basis in early 2019 in bid to enhance the regulated market as well as trading transparency, while giving the public particularly traders an important update on top derivative brokers. The most recent report for March 2020 by SECC saw Golden FX Link Capital sitting at the first place among all derivative brokerage companies in Cambodia. 

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