For more than a year now since the middle of 2019, Golden FX Link Capital has maintained a strong partnership with Cambodia’s popular online news entity Business Cambodia to bring about a nationwide exposure of financial investment knowledge and investment opportunities in the growing derivatives market. This well-built partnership has produced a daily publication of a professional financial market analysis article, and so far, hundreds of such useful articles have been released, continuously contributing to the increase in the investment knowledge of the Cambodian public and assisting Cambodian investors in making proper investment decisions for their wealth protection and accumulation, which ultimately boosts Cambodia’s economy to a greater level. 



From Monday to Friday as the international derivatives market opens, Golden FX Link Capital’s trading experts take turn to blend their expertise and professionalism with the market updates—such as relevant economic news and indicators, global geo-politics tensions, and announcements of major banks—to create analysis articles which can serve different aspects, including case study, knowledge gain, and especially investment direction. Both experienced and inexperienced investors can access the assessment of all important situations happening around the world as well as the insights into the price movement of major currencies, gold, silver, crude oil, and more. 

True professionalism of Golden FX Link Capital, along with constant exposure on Business Cambodia, has benefited Cambodia as a whole, and this partnership will continue to serve the best to the country.