On May 06, 2022, Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link) successfully hosted its Non-Farm Payrolls Night where the Trading Competition with total prizes of more than $3,000 dollars found its winners, creating special, exciting, and unforgettable moments for all participants. In the meantime, they also gained trading experience, new financial knowledge, and golden investment opportunities, all for continuous personal financial status upgrade, promotion of financial literacy and derivatives market in Cambodia, and national economic development. 

Non-Farm Payrolls—the measure of the number of workers in the United States excluding farm workers and workers in a handful of other job classifications—is a major economic data that is utilized as a key indicator by derivatives investors and traders in order to seize profitable trading opportunities.  

Believing in its benefits, G-Link is proud to continue holding such magnificent Non-Farm Payrolls Night every month, either physically or online in accordance with the local situation of Covid-19 pandemic. More interestingly, this time, the company designed an even better trading competition which, to a large extent, encouraged and helped walk traders and potential investors to sharpen their trading skills and unlock their investment opportunities.

G-Link has a firm belief that all these activities are very important for the progress of the derivatives market in Cambodia, and the company remains committed to developing a wide range of educational and promotional programs to support investors and clients to get the most out of their investment.